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Dear Ones – I’m up before the sun to work on my new book, but I’m not so lost i…

Dear Ones –

I'm up before the sun to work on my new book, but I'm not so lost in my writing that I can't appreciate a good pet video. Somebody sent this to me yesterday and it brought me the best wave of laughter I've had in a while.

You've all heard me say: EMBRACE THE BEAUTIFUL MESS THAT YOU ARE, right?

Well, this is what a really beautiful mess looks like! Oh, how I identify…

Enjoy, and eat your snacks, and ONWARD,


Hilarious Golden Retriever Really Wants To Race But.. First Things First.
LOL this golden retriever dog is just so funny. What would your dog do in this situation? Like this? Visit for more.

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…and you were also not born to demand perfection of others. I’ve been so humb…

…and you were also not born to demand perfection of others.

I've been so humbled lately by watching some of my friends and family perform some really spectacular acts of grace and non-judgment in their relationships with each other.

As somebody who can be a TAD bit judgey (of myself and, I'm sorry to report, of others) it is always such an education for me when I watch people drop their egos and release their defenses and just allow life and humanity and the world to be REAL.

Right now, I'm watching a friend of mine work through a problem with a family member whom he loves dearly but who has been causing him considerable trouble. My friend has established some healthy boundaries with this person, but he hasn't cut off the relationship. (All I can say is: I would have cut off that relationship, if it were me. In fact, my OWN ego is offended, by how this family member is treating my friend….and it doesn't even have anything to do with me!)

But my friend has nothing but forgiveness and openness in his heart.

He explained it this way: "At my age, I simply can't care about the offense or the upset anymore. I only care about the person. So I'm willing let it go. I don't need to always be right anymore. I just want to be at peace with myself and with everyone."

I took his hand and said, "Walk me through that. Show me how."

He said, "Just let everyone be human, and bless their humanity, and rub a little God on it, and let it go."

I want nothing more than to have that much grace and space inside me — plenty of room for everyone's contradictions to flare up however they have to, without me getting all bent out of shape and constricted by my judgments and opinions.

So my Sunday prayer today is this: Help me learn how to get closer to accepting the real in all circumstances and all people, and further away from demanding the perfect out of anyone or anything.

Please, God, let my ego get smaller while my heart grows only bigger.

Amen and ONWARD,

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WEEKLY HOUSEKEEPING! Dear Ones – We get a lot of new people joining this Faceb…


Dear Ones –

We get a lot of new people joining this Facebook page every day (thank you for joining our little community, new folks!) so once a week, I try to give everyone all the information they might want, about other places on the Internet to find me.

So let’s run down the list:

My website is There, you can find information on all my upcoming events, see videos, read my thoughts on the writing process, and download book club guides to my books!

I have an email newsletter (where I always reveal my big news first, see exclusive home videos, and sometimes run contests, when I remember to.) You can join the newsletter by clicking the icon on the left of this page called "LizNews" and signing up. (You can also sign up for LizNews on the homepage of my website.)

You can follow me on Twitter, where I basically just goof off, at:

You can follow me on Instagram (which I just started because some 14-year-olds told me to) at:

You can follow me on Pinterest (that addictive crack house, whose vortex I try not to tumble down too often because it’s a gorgeous suckhole) at:

And if you EVER want to buy to buy signed copies of ANY of my books, you can buy them online through the shop, Two Buttons, that I run in New Jersey with my husband (otherwise known as “that Brazilian guy”.) The link is right here:

That is all, my dears!

(And yes, in all these various social media forums, it is actually ME doing the posting, the chatting, the responding, the pinning, the time-wasting. I like it. It’s fun. I like hanging out with you guys. I’m glad you like hanging out with me. Also, I have no children and my husband cooks, so I have plenty of extra time on my hands…)


Thanks for everything!


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall

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