• Elizabeth’s book of original short stories.
  • Originally published 1997, released by Penguin, 2007.

Both a New York Times Notable Book and a PEN/Hemingway, finalist. “These stories flash like mirrors, cut like razors.”

An audio excerpt of Pilgrims read by Coleen Marlo


Reviews & Profiles:

 A Ploughshares review by Don Lee

“Two things are certain in Elizabeth Gilbert’s first collection, Pilgrims: her characters possess minds of their own, and they can talk. Oh, can they talk.”

A Ploughshares review by Don Lee.  Winner of the Ninth Annual Ploughshares Zacharis Award.

Harper’s Bazaar

“[Gilbert] has all the hallmarks of a great writer: sympathy, wit, and an amazing ear for dialogue.”

 New York Times Book Review

“Gilbert is keen on seeing as many of her characters achieve redemption as possible — in the most creative ways possible . . . She achieves the enviable feat of telling her characters’ stories in their own words, on their own terms, without pomp or superciliousness.”

Chicago Tribune

“Gilbert has taken her experiences as a journalist, her encounters with people of every past and place, and infused them with the light and longevity of her own imagination.”


“Bone-dry wit and talent for summing up a character with a quick phrase . . . One is left marveling at Gilbert’s fertile imagination and sharp style.”

 Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Hopeful, deluded, intoxicated, amazed, Gilbert’s characters shoot across the sky, and she catches them like a skilled photographer just as they pop, before they crash, drown, or grow dull and fade away.”


Follow Liz:

 Annie Proulx

“A young writer of incandescent talent.”

Philadelphia Inquirer

“An imaginative range, assured comic touch, and dead-on dialogue that’s truly exceptional.”

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