Dear Ones — Somebody asked me the other day if writing was easy for me. When…

Dear Ones — Somebody asked me the other day if writing was easy for me. When…

Dear Ones —

Somebody asked me the other day if writing was easy for me.

When I hesitated with my answer, they asked, "I mean…has it gotten easier over time, as you've gotten better at it?"

And still I hesitated with my answer. Because the truth, I've never asked my work to be "easy"; I just want it to be interesting.

(By which I mean — I want my writing to be interesting for ME. If, as a side effect, my work eventually becomes interesting to you, that's awesome. But mostly, I am just trying to interest and educate and occupy and challenge and delight myself.)

Often writing is indeed quite difficult for me. But I'm not sure that's the point, and I know it's definitely not a problem, because all the really interesting things in life are difficult — love, wisdom, growth, compassion, learning, travel, loyalty, courage, endurance, transformation…

But "interesting" doesn't mean "tormenting". When things get difficult, it doesn't mean you have to suffer and moan and pull out your hair and rend your clothes. It just means things have gotten…well…verrrrry interesting.

You do it anyway — the interesting thing — because you want to have a rich and varied life, not a flat and simple one.

One of the best living teachers of meditation around — Pema Chodron — once said that the biggest problem she sees with people's meditation practice is that they quit just when things are starting to get interesting. Which is to say, they quit as soon as things aren't easy any more, as soon as it gets painful, or boring, or agitating. So they miss the good part, the wild part, the transformative part — the part when you push past the difficulty into some raw and new and unexplored universe within yourself.

And maybe it's like that with every single important aspect of our lives. Whatever it is you are pursuing, whatever it is you are seeking — be careful not quit too soon. Don't quit the moment it stops being easy, OK? Because that moment? If you stay in it and then stubbornly push past your fear and resistance? That's the moment where INTERESTING begins.

May you all have an interesting week!


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DON’T WASTE THE TEACHINGS… Dear Ones – Well, it’s FINISHED. The incredible r…

DON’T WASTE THE TEACHINGS… Dear Ones – Well, it’s FINISHED. The incredible r…


Dear Ones –

Well, it's FINISHED. The incredible ride of Oprah's The Life You Want Tour has come to an end.

8 cities, 8 arenas, 8 dresses (ah, the dresses!), and 8 chances for me to soak in the lessons of some of the wisest teachers alive.

I feel so changed by this experience, in ways I didn't even know needed changing. Somebody asked me yesterday what my next quest will be, and I can honestly say that all my questing is going to be internal for a while — working on OPENING even more. Opening to more grace, to more compassion, to more spirit, to more empathy, to more love, to more joy. I just feel like knocking down whatever walls and ceilings and doors I have built up in my soul over the years..knocking it down and letting all the light in — all the light there ever was.

It's good to have a goal, and mine is clear now: MAKE (EVEN) MORE ROOM FOR GRACE.

Last night I had the opportunity to thank Oprah in person. It was so important to me to get it right, to communicate not only my gratitude, but what I am taking away from this incredible encounter. I told her that when Nelson Mandela died, the most moving tribute I read to him was a simple line somebody put on Twitter:

"If you were lucky enough to live in the time of Mandela, do not waste the teachings he had to offer you."

Well. I consider myself very lucky to have lived in the time of Oprah Winfrey, and I consider myself insanely lucky to have witnessed her goodness in person. (As I was able to tell her last night: I've never seen a moment where she lets her greatness interfere with her goodness…which is a beautiful lesson in and of itself.) And the only gift I could think to give her for all that she has offered to me is my sincere promise that I will not waste her teachings.

Gonna carry it forward.

Gonna let in all the light I can reach for.

I'm talking about some next-level spiritual business here, my loves! (As one of the other teachers said on stage yesterday: "The ceiling you walked in here with is the floor you are walking out on." Cuz we are moving UP, UP, UP.)

May all our ceilings become floors.

May we never waste each others's greatest teachings.

Thank you all for coming on this unforgettable journey with me!


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Dear Ones – I’m off to Oprah’s The Life You Want Tour one last time, here in Sa…

Dear Ones – I’m off to Oprah’s The Life You Want Tour one last time, here in Sa…

Dear Ones –

I'm off to Oprah's The Life You Want Tour one last time, here in San Jose, to talk once more about the Hero's Journey — encouraging one more beautiful crowd of souls to answer the call for the own great life's adventure…whatever it may be.

Last night, when I was sitting in the audience listening to Oprah give her testimony about her journey from apartheid-era Mississippi to, well, full-on Oprah-hood, I was pondering the fact that I got to hear her speech 8 times this year. I also got to hear Iyanla Vanzant speak 8 times, and Rob Bell. And every single time I have heard them talk this autumn, I have made the same demand of myself: "LISTEN, Liz. Listen to EVERY SINGLE WORD."

I never sat back and said, "Yeah, yeah…I heard this story already."

I made myself listen with new ears and a fresh heart each time.

I asked myself why the universe might have arranged things such that I would get 8 opportunities to hear these great teachings. All I could come up with for an explanation was this: "You must really need it."

The universe must have been like, "This Gilbert girl ain't gonna learn NOTHING unless she gets the message pounded into her again and again and again…"

So l let it all soak into me, each time anew, with the intention of TRULY learning.

By doing this, I have watched my internal emotional closets get rearranged over the last few months, in ways I didn't even know needed rearranging.

I have absorbed lessons about forgiveness, about spirit, about gratitude, about stubbornness, about grace.

Part of me wishes I could hear it all 8 more times over, but after today it is over…and then it will be down to me to embroider all that wisdom into my own life, and to carry it forward.

I can't wait.

Love to you, and ONWARD,

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall

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