Just wanted to share with you all this photo, taken yesterday at the Book Expo in NYC, of me and the marvelous Wally ("She's Come Undone") Lamb.

In this photo, he's the lovely gentleman on the left, and I am the one on the right, dressed like a giraffe.

Like me, Wally's got a new novel coming out in October (a wonderful read called "We Are Water"). Thus, yesterday we met on a panel to discuss books, book clubs, social media, Oprah Winfrey, writer's block, the roots of creative inspiration, and "Days of Our Lives" (Wally's favorite procrastination device.)

You know how sometimes you dream that somebody you've always admired will be really great in person, and then you meet them, and they aren't? Well, Wally Lamb IS. The best.

Wish you all could've been there!


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall