THIS ABSOLUTELY MADE MY DAY! Cheers to a beautiful couple!

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Thought this might cheer you up. You played a part in making two people very happy! Got married on Saturday and my husband and I quoted you in our bilingual wedding speech, English me, French him! And oakey is our dog! Bises.

So why get married, (oui pourquoi?) well we believe a lasting marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ ( que veux tu dire par la)? comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learn to enjoy and revel in their differences, their imperfections, (parle pour toi), their similarities, their annoying habits, (bof), their great strengths and their weirdness! (Tu parle d'Oakey?) And that enjoyment is heightened when you are lucky (chanceux), enough to find a true friend , (ah, tu parles bien d'Oakey,) and that true friend is your life partner, (moi?), who you create your own mutually satisfying weirdness with! (C'est l'amour madame!)
For my part of our story -The idea of running away to France and finding a brown eyed Frenchman to fall in love with began as a joke, a quick response when people would ask what are you going to do next. Then over time, it became something to aim for, an impossibility still but something to warm the soul in the darker moments. And then I read a book by Elizabeth GIlbert, the true story of one woman's search to find out about herself and what she wanted and I suddenly realised it was possible not only to do this crazy thing, but that it wasnt running away but running towards something, something new. So the dream became a definite goal with an arrival date and plans to be made and en bref the result was with a a crazy dog and lethargic cat Amyce and I arrived in Toulouse on a bright November day in 2009. A ce moment la, je passais mon temps chez flûte. Je remarquais sans trop prêter attention un afflux de professeur et d'étudiant anglais dans les parages. Mais je ne remarquais pas cette anglaise, de York s'il vous plaît, qui passait par la 4 fois par jour. So when the TEFL course finished and I found work the other side of town I probably wouldn't have gone near the Flute again if Philippe had not needed to improve his English in February of 2010. I am now very happy that he needed one and sometimes two lessons a week and that the Flute was the place we held them in. J'ai été immédiatement attire par caroline, jamais je n'avais éprouve une telle complicité, un tel réconfort. tout semblait soudain si lumineux, si joyeux! Very quickly I realised how intelligent, how knowledgeable, how funny and how kind he was. And it didn't take me long to realise he had the most gorgeous chocolate coloured eyes and a really tight bottom!
Ainsi l'amitié devint flirt, then serious flirting puis actions and We were in love. In love with listening to him, lui parler, laughing with him, être silencieux avec elle, cuddling him, aimer être juste avec elle. And that's when we realised we had given each other the greatest gift to quote Ms Gilbert
“To be fully seen by somebody, and be loved anyhow – this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.”
(Répéta quote in french)
So although our story has been a winding path with many twists and turns I have never doubted my love for Ludo nor failed to be grateful for this miraculous gift that he has given me, to see me in my splendid imperfection and still love me. So that is why I am here today to pledge myself to stand by his side for the rest of our life's. C'est pourquoi malgré tous les tours et détours de notre histoire, je ne remercierais jamais assez Caroline pour tout et que je suis ici aujourd'hui pour lui faire le serment de mon amour a jamais.

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