I want to thank everyone who has chimed in with their advice for new exercise playlists — wow, what a cornucopia of beats, dudes! It appears I have been quite remiss, in not having any Pitbull (or Pitbull collaborations) in my ears. Ditto: Mr. Macklemore. And Pink! (How did I not have any Pink on rotation?!) And many, many, many more. I can't wait to pile them all on my iPod.

I love your enthusiasm, truly. If I can't keep up with my fitness commitments with all this support encouragement from everyone, then I suck! Yeah!

I want to give you all something in return. The best I could come up with on short notice is:

1) A suggestion that you all add "Hit 'em Up Style" by the Carolina Chocolate Drops to your own exercise playlists. (You're welcome.)

2) A little piece of history, which my cousin in Minnesota reminded me of today. Here's a short piece I wrote for the NY Times years ago about what happened to me once in a bar in the midwest, when I went out to Minnesota to visit some relatives and things got a little crazy. (Also, that was the first night I heard "Hey Ya", which was playing on that bar's jukebox, and which has been a motivational staple ever since. Just to bring it all back to the music!)

Here goes:


Now hit those treadmills, and keep reading Jane Eyre! We're all gonna have abs (and brains) of steel!


The Meat Raffle – New York Times
A woman gets lost in Midwestern-Polynesian debauchery.

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall