Dear Ones —

Those of you who subscribe to my LizNews email newsletter already got the first exclusive look at this video in your inboxes this morning…and those of you who subscribe to Oprah's Live Your Best Life newsletter got a peek at it, too! (THANK YOU, OPRAH WINFREY! If I haven't said that lately, let me say it again: Thank you, Oprah Winfrey!)

But for everyone else, here it is…the book trailer that my American publisher just released for my new novel 'The Signature of All Things', filmed on location at the actual Philadelphia estate which inspired the imaginary birthplace of my heroine.

I will let this little film speak for itself…HOPE YOU ENJOY!

Oh…and if anyone wants to pre-order the novel, you may do so right here:

Holy cow, guys…I'm getting really excited for October.

Rock on, honored readers…

LizNews Newsletter #9 – "The Signature of All Things" promo trailer
I have something so very special for you today, quite out of the blue. As some of you know, my new novel "The Signature of All Things" is coming out in Octob…

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