Such a sweet meeting with a reader a few days ago in Germany…what a lovely event that was!

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If someone would have told me half a year ago, that I would have a chance to meet you Liz in person, would never ever believe that. That time I was going through a very difficult period of my life and your Eat, Pray, Love gave me so much strengh, supported me and opened me a universe of love and trust within myself.
They say that miracles happen for Christmas, and my miracle has happened this Monday than I got to see you Liz in Tubingen.I want to thank you from my whole heart for your wonderful books, for your lovely smile and amazing spirit. Thank you for coming to Tubingen and letting our miracle come true!!! I wish you a wonderful time back home with your family and I am looking forward to starting reading SOAT tonight. Hugs, Jenya

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