SOAT in Australia with a bedtime treat…

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Dearest Liz,

I bought SOAT the day that it was released in Australia. I had the date written in my diary for months before, but when I got home I didn't want to read it- I had spent so long anticipating your next book, that when I finally had it, I was too scared to read it and have nothing to look forward to… I was actually anxious about finishing the book before I had even started it! In a year of so many losses – a baby, a relationship, my home – the idea of finishing a book from my favourite author was another ending I wasn't ready for.

So SOAT has sat by my bed for almost 2 months… And after a while I realised that after all endings comes new beginnings (rereading EPL may have have contributed to tht insight!) .. And so to coincide with my birthday today I decided it was time to start SOAT.

So you find me now curled up in bed with my coffee, half a pain au chocolat, a candle and chapter one.

Many thanks for your wise words.

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall