SOAT and a beautiful tale of found flowers!

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SOAT made me lose my glasses AND find flowers!

I had worked out hard yesterday, got sweaty and then ran around doing errands. When I got home I was freezing, so I took a nice hot bath and knew that this was a beautiful preparation for a lazy afternoon cuddling with the dogs and SOAT. I lay down and immediately realized I should take my contacts out for a much easier read. I took them out, and grabbed glasses (to get back to my room), took off the glasses for a gloriously easy read and lovely afternoon with SOAT. When it was time to stop I looked for my glasses and they were nowhere to be found. I literally could not figure it out. My room is neat. The whole house is neat but I scoured the entire house. I remembered that at a couple of junctures Lucy and Tallulah had run outside. I assumed they heard squirrels but wasn't really paying attention. They do "steal" from time to time…

So, this morning I went outside to scour the yard. It's huge but I walked almost every inch of it, even the awkward places that only Tulle and Lucy frequent, ducking under trees, etc. I came to a magical place. There is a bird of paradise plant that is sort of shoved (uncomfortably, I think) into a spot that I can't see from the yard or house….Look what I harvested and how cool they look next to the book (which I am savoring, by the way).

Still no glasses…but I can see this beauty (and yours) a mile away!

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall