Dear Ones –

Many of you have sent me links to this story, and I just needed to share it myself — along with a big fist pump in the air for Alma Whittaker, who is very happy somewhere in fictional-character Heaven right now.

So these scientists found some "dead" 1600 year old moss under the ice in Antarctica, and revived it.

A really complicated process to revive the stuff, too: They just squirted some water on it.

Alma used to call mosses "resurrection engines" — my god, she would have loved this.

And she would have said what I always say, when people ask me why I wrote my novel about moss: "You don't get to be the oldest land plant on earth by being stupid or boring."



Back from frozen limbo: 1,600 year-old Antarctic moss that seemed dead thawed and grows again
WASHINGTON – Scientists have revived a moss plant that was frozen beneath the Antarctic ice and seemingly lifeless since the days of Attila the Hun.

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall