QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is your biggest obstacle for living a creative life?

Dear Ones –

I am working on a book right now about creativity.

A small book, a guidebook, a (hopefully) helpful book.

It is largely drawn from conversations we've had on this Facebook page, and from encounters that I've had with many of you in person when I am out on the road. Let me put it simply: I want to help you.

Creativity has always been a source of uncomplicated joy for me, but I know that it is not a source of uncomplicated joy for everyone. I know that many of you suffer and struggle to express yourselves, to believe in your work, to put yourself forward. I know that many of you feel blocked, tormented, stuck, afraid.

What I want to ask you today, quite earnestly, is this — what is holding you back from living your most creative life, more than anything? If you could identify ONE THING that is stopping you from the fullest expression of your imagination, what would you name it?

Will you let me know, if you feel comfortable doing so?

Will you share this with your friends, and ask them?

I ask all this because I want to make sure, with this new book, that I address all your questions, all your fears, all your blockages. Or at least that I try to — as well and thoroughly as I can.

Because: ART.


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall