Practicing Piano, 1979…and you can see how overjoyed I am about it!

A lovely relative sent me this photo yesterday of me, age 10, relishing my piano practicing. God, I hated doing it. But I always credit my mother with MAKING me do it, though heaven knows it would've been easier for her to have just given up on me. But nope — that kitchen timer would come out, and I would have to sit there and practice till my time was up.

I guess they call that "building character"?

I think one of the greatest skills in life (especially if you want to be a creative person) is learning how to sit through boring things. These days when I'm writing and it isn't going well, it STILL feels like I'm ten years old and practicing the piano.

Gotta do it, anyhow. Get out that kitchen timer. Do it till it's done. Repeat, repeat, repeat….


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall