People have been sending in a lot of HAPPINESS JAR photos lately (thank you, everyone — I love them) and some of the newer visitors to this page have been asking what they are. Here's my original post on the subject, to clue you all in…do join us — it's a wonderful and uplifting practice!

Timeline Photos
JAR OF HAPPINESS. I made a vow to myself years ago that every night I would write down the happiest moment of my day and save it forever. I did this for a long time. This photo is my most recent JAR OF HAPPINESS, loyally filled with little scraps of old bills and junk mail, with the best moment of each day scrawled on the backs. For some reason, over the last year, I have let the practice go—not because I've been sad (even in a sad day, after all, there is always one least-crappy moment) but because I've been too busy. Too busy to take 10 seconds every night to preserve the simplest and happiest moments of my life? ENOUGH! Time to start stuffing the jar with joy again! I'm beginning again today. Who's with me?

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall