OK, I'm reading it!

Everyone, I went and found a nice new Penguin hardcover edition of Jane Eyre and I'm already 50 pages in.

Thank you to all who brought Jane to my long-overdue attention. It's WONDERFUL! How did I have this so wrong? How is it possible that I (who so loves 19th century literature) could have avoided this gem all these decades? Why did nobody make me read it before? How did I think it would be dry and moralizing, when in fact it is juicy and savvy and crisp? (Also, it's dedicated to William Makepeace Thackeray! Pretty classy dedication there, Miss Charlotte. NICE.)

So it's on, folks. It's seriously ON.

Who wants to read it along with me? Facebook book club? Facebookclub?

So…Jane Eyre everyone? Anyone? Pull up a chair and cup of tea with me and dive in?

It's fantastic.

Happy reading,


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall