Luvvie Adjei Jones is a star. She’s the New York Times best selling author of two wildfire memoirs and life guides: I’M JUDGING YOU and PROFESSIONAL TROUBLEMAKER. She’s a brilliant blogger; a tireless activist; a marketing wizard; an internationally respected expert on the very serious subject of shoes; a voice of truth about the power of Shea butter to transform our lives; the owner of the most insane and enviable pair of cheekbones the world has ever seen; a compelling and hilarious Podcaster; an Oprah Winfrey super soul 100 all star; the unchallenged heavyweight world champion of “side eye”; a TED speaker whose talk has inspired millions; a social media presence beloved by her army of Luvvnation; and a critic of the status quo whose very existence strikes terror in the collective guts of the mediocre… Born in Nigeria, forged in Chicago, she is a true global citizen and a leader for our times!