It arrived!

Dear everyone — Gaia, the winner of my most recent book giveaway contest, sent this photo of her gift: An advance copy of "The Signature of All Things", signed to her and sent all the way to Ireland! (The kitty was not included, but looks quite contented!)

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Happy reading, Gaia! I loved your story…hope you like Alma Whittaker's!


Photos of Elizabeth Gilbert
getting ready for long night with Alma Whittaker, I'm so curious, so thrilled to meet her, she arrived today, I couldn't greet her at home as I was away to nearby city but picked her up at wee local post office after, now Maika, my ginger kitty keeps her company while I'm making mug of strong coffee with pinch of cinnamon and vanilla…it will be an amazing evening 🙂 THANK YOU 😀

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall