I love this picture, and I love meeting you guys. THANK YOU ALL for coming out on this book tour for me. It means the world.

Tomorrow night — San Rafael, California!

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Good night, angels.

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No words! Meeting you and loving your wisdom and medicine has I think no less than shifted my entire molecular structure. Thank you for the index card tutorial and shutting down the damn "chick-lit" stigma. The passage you read to us was so, so stunning and cinematic, that when they DO make a film of this (and they will be fools not to) I for one will testify that indeed you DID write it before it became the most thrilling moss movie ever 🙂 I am beyond inspired and will treasure this one night stand every day as I commit to the daily practice and 40 year marriage to my creativity. Have a beautiful rest of your tour! XO <3

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