Goodbye, Holland….hello, Germany!

Sadly I say goodbye to Amsterdam today…a city that I love more deeply each time I visit. What an exceptional trip this was. I feel a bit like I have a Beauty Hangover, from all the treasures that I got to see. And all the lovely people I got to meet.

Most touching of all for me was returning (as Alma herself did) to the Hortus Botanical Garden. This picture was taken yesterday in the Palm House, which i visited three three times in the last four days (just to give you a sense of how much I love it.)

Something amazing might be happening at the Hortus, too. Do remember the Cave of Mosses that Alma creates there? Well, that was a figment of my own imagination, since no such place exists. But the director of the Hortus told me that they are considering actually building a REAL Cave of Mosses now, in honor of Alma Whittaker. So that when people come to the Hortus to find Alma's legacy, they can.

Can you even imagine? Can you imagine how happy that would make Alma? Or how happy it makes me? Blurring once again the line between the real and the imagined…

So my heart is full and I am HAPPY.

And now: off to Dusseldorf!

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In moss and miracles we trust,

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