Dear Ones —

I love, love, love, LOVE this badass speech that the great producer and writer Shonda Rhimes delivered recently on women's advancements in leadership, and her thoughts about the glass ceiling.

Like Ms. Rhimes, I am also overcome by gratitude at all those brave, tough, pioneering women who came before me, and who cleared the road of obstacles for me, so that I could have a life of freedom and possibility and creativity.

We all stand on the shoulders of giants.

Sometimes, when I find myself feeling nervous or insecure about taking a creative risk in life, I will have this thought: "The women who came before me eliminated so many obstacles from my path…what a disgrace to their legacy it would be, if now I allowed ME become the only roadblock in my life."

In other words — what a pity if those earlier powerful women opened up the entire world for me, only for me to stand in my own way!

As Maya Angelou said once, "Your crown was paid for by the blood of others."

You know what I'm going to say now, right?



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