Dear Ones!

Hey, guess what? I'm selling my beautiful house!

Why, you ask?

Because I'm a weirdo and I need to move every few years…and it's time to move!

Happily, I'm staying in Frenchtown. I am literally just moving 1/4 of a mile down the road. (That is the full extent of my weirdness: All this huge effort, in order to move, like, 10 feet away.) But it's time for the next chapter. And I really love moving.

My friend Dave Cahill (of Frenchtown's Rivernet Computers!) helped me make this website and this SUPREMELY DORKY VIDEO about the house sale. (We had so much fun making this, because we are supreme fools, as you shall see.)

Here it is:

So take a look! In watching this video, you will learn two things: 1) I've been really lucky to be living in such beautiful house for the last six years, and 2) I do not have a future as a television host on Home and Garden TV.

By going to this website, you can also click on the lovely article that was in the NY Times yesterday about the house being on sale…and there's a slide show there.

SO…if you want buy my house — or come look at it with the thought of maybe buying it — contact my friend Rayya Elias, my dear friend and property manager:



I kind of hope one of you buys it. Would be really nice to live near family…


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Dear Ones — I’m selling my beautiful perfect house. Why? Because I’m a restless person and I need to move all the time. It’s time to move, then! Otherwise, there is no sane reason to sell this exquisite and lovingly renovated “four-over-four” Italianate Victorian house that was built in 1869 by the…

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