Congratulations to Cisz, for winning THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS from my Dutch publisher…and a prayer from all of us for your speedy recovery, my dear!

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Today I recieved a goodie bag with your new book from your Dutch Publisher Cargo. There was a contest is honor of your Birthday, and I won?! This really brightens my day… since I had the worse week ever. Last Thursday I got in a car accident, as an older lady didnt pay attention and parked here car right in front of me. My car was totall loss, and after a few hours I started feeling terrible. The dokter came to my house and gave me painkillers for the pain in my back. Monday he came again as the pain didnt go away, and I had to go to the hospital, to check if my back wasnt broken. Luckely it wasnt. Only heavely bruised… I cant do much, besides lying down the entire day. Winning your book really brightens my day. Espacially because its your book, this book! I was really sad… but this makes me feel that karma does exist, and good will come eventually… thank you so much for making me see the beauty ?

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall