Dear Ones —

So I'm here in Boulder, CO. I'm speaking today (in just an hour or so, actually) at this great event called "Emerging Women". When I heard that the great Brené Brown would be speaking, I changed around my own tour schedule so I could fly in on time to hear her speak.

Oh, you guys, she's so great. Last night was one of those moments where you just feel like somebody has tapped open some lost valve in your heart, stuck in a funnel, and just poured you full of love and wisdom.

At some point while Brené was speaking, I almost got anxious, thinking "I wish I could be writing all this down, every word of it, hoarding it"…and then I just relaxed and thought, "Just let it wash over you." Which is probably about the time I started crying.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Brené's work, do go read her books. They will change you.

Or watch her famous TED speech, right here:

I felt like the luckiest person in the world last night, to be the one sitting in an audience in the dark, being moved and stirred and inspired.

And I love this photo. This is our kicking-ass posture.

And man, does she ever kick ass!


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall