So THIS happened today in Washington DC at the Oprah's The Life You Want Tour!

Rob Bell and I (who share a mutual disbelief that we get to be part of this spectacle of glory at all) decided to take a selfie while on stage, to try to capture the sense of the giant arena behind us.

Then Oprah jumped in and photobombed us!

This is the sort of spirit that's happening all over the place in this event — the spontaneity, the sheer joy of it all, the absurd amount of gratitude and grace, and (best of all) the flat-out fun.

You know what? It should be fun.

Because if your spiritual and personal journey doesn't have any fun in it, then you ain't doing it right! Listen closer. God wants you to live in joy.

Bliss and love, and love and bliss…and ONWARD,


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall