Dear Ones,

Watch this video:


This is the author Kelly Corrigan, whom some of you may know from her terrific memoir, THE MIDDLE PLACE about her own experience with cancer and family. (You may also know her from a great TED talk, and from an interview she did with me last year in California wherein she presented me with the most slamming pair of shoes I've ever owned.)

Kelly has a new memoir out, just this week, called GLITTER AND GLUE, which I read in manuscript and loved with all my heart. Please read it. It's about motherhood and adventure, and the boots-on-the-ground adventure of motherhood. I read it, I cried, I gave it my own mother, she read it, she cried, she passed it along. Buy it, read it, pass it along.

Here's a link about the book:


And please watch this video, where Kelly talks about the spirit of her new memoir. It's gorgeous. You all know that I selected a different path in life than having children. But I still love family, and I bow to all the terrific real-life mothers I know. This speech made me cry, and made me think of so many women I adore and admire.

I think you'll love it.

And please, do pick up a copy of GLITTER AND GLUE. It's really, really wonderful.


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