Want to see a spiritual master at work?

Watch this video from 1989, of the great Argentinian footballer Maradona warming up before a game in Germany.

I can't stop watching this. I never want to stop watching this. It made me want to go to the gym today — and I actually WENT!

It made me want to make things.

It made me want to go write a new book, and cook some food, and dance around my living room.

It made me happy to be alive.

If you're wondering what your calling is — your vocation — here's a clue: It's whatever makes you as happy as screwing around with a soccer ball during warm-ups clearly made Maradona.

Please take note of the little hip-shimmy that he does in the middle of this warm-up, for absolutely no reason except that he seems to be really happy to be there.

His whole body is like: "I can't believe I get to do this!"

Which is how it should be, when you're doing what you love.

Also please take note of the other players around him, doing their warmups with no apparent joy.

Those guys were all excellent soccer players. But none of them were calling down their divinity that day. They were just doing their JOB. They weren't living their VOCATION.

Go do the thing that makes you want to dance like this, OK?

Whatever it is.

Cuz that's the juice, right there.



Maradona – Live is life

Maradona Napoli warming up

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall