A 7 year-old boy named Baylor needs a bone transplant — ideally from somebody of mixed Asian-Caucasian background, between the ages of 18 – 44. Is there a chance it might be you, who could save this child?

Baylor's chances of finding a match are 70,000 to 1. But we have 185,000 people who follow this page — and you all have your friends, too. Let's try to make this happen?

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Hi Liz:

Here is a draft posting re: Baylor for you to share. Please let me know if this is too long winded and you need me to edit down in some way.

Words fail. Most sincere thanks.

"Immense graditude to Liz Gilbert, champion arbiter of kindness and right action in sharing this story on her page.

7 year old Baylor Fredrickson, first diagnosed with AML (a rare form of Leukemia) when he was 5 has recently relapsed after 2 years in remission and is in dire need of a bone marrow transplant to save his life. Baylor's best chance for survival is to receive his transplant from a donor of mixed race (ideally Asian/Caucasian). His chances of finding this kind of donor profile are 70,000 to 1. Baylor's health is deteriorating every day and he needs help now. Here are some things you can do immediately to lend a hand:

1) Contact https://www.aadp.org to send for a test kit via mail if you are between the ages of 18-44 years old. Baylor's family has already culled both the US and International databases and so far no match has been found. You could be that needle in a haystack to save Baylor's life by registering today.

2) Find your local Bone Marrow Donor registry (wherever you live). Donor programs can be found world wide at: https://ift.tt/1kH3Bhi. You do NOT need to leave your country to donate if you are found to be a match. The testing process is painless, takes about 10 minutes and could provide Baylor or someone else in need of this kind of donor match (currently 12,000 patients are waiting and hoping to find their mixed race match) the chance to live a full and happy life.

3) If you can't register given your age or any other medical conditions that restrict you from being a suitable donor, you can volunteer to organize or lead a donor drive in your area. Please contact Ruby Law via email: ruby@aadp.org to help identify a key contact in your area. She can also answer many FAQ about how to help.

4) Your financial contribution will help greatly to subsidize the cost of testing for those who qualify (It costs $100/registrant for these wonderful organizations to analyze the results of each potential donor) and/or to help the family with mounting medical bills and other expenses due to loss of wages in order for Baylor's mom to remain with Baylor while he is confined to the hospital. Donations on Baylor's behalf can be made in any amount via: https://ift.tt/1thzbDm

And here finally is a link to Baylor's FB page: https://ift.tt/RuHqjr. Please share widely and immediately with anyone in your network who might be in a position to help. The more people who know about Baylor's plight, the better his chances are of beating this insidious disease.

Follow Liz Gilbert's open hearted example. Please share, please register, please help in any way you can. Baylor needs you to step in and step up. Do it today"

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall