Dear Ones —

I wanted to share this article about my dear friend John Morse — an artist who is one of the most creative souls I have ever met. He decided recently that he wanted to have a piece of his artwork at the Guggenheim Museum…so he just installed some art himself, without asking permission…and all in the most charming and delightful way: By dressing up his friends in the color spectrum of the rainbow, and just having them walk around the museum, making people happy.

I love this man's spirit!

Go make art in the world, people!

Artist John Morse on his Guerrilla Show at the Guggenheim – Speakeasy – WSJ
Earlier this month, six people wearing brightly colored, oversize t-shirts wound their way to the top floor of the Guggenheim museum and formed artist John Morse’s pop-up installation, “The Color Spectrum at the Guggenheim,”

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall