Would you care to join me for dinner at "White Acre"?

Dear Ones —

Some of you may know that I based the Whittaker estate in THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS on an actual 18th century Philadelphia mansion called THE WOODLANDS.

The binding closet, Alma's carriage house, Hanneke's caged-in bedroom in the basement, the views of the river, the ballroom — all of these details from the novel were inspired by actual features of The Woodlands.

This beautiful historical site is in need of care and repair, and so I have volunteered to participate in a special fundraiser. On August 10th, you can join me for dinner at The Woodlands, as well as a tour of the grounds and (a rare treat) a tour of the house itself.

Tickets are limited (this will truly be an intimate affair) and can be purchased here, if you are interested:


The tickets are admittedly spendy, but it's for a great cause. Every dime of the money will go toward restoration of this precious and crumbling architectural treasure. (I want to support the restoration, too, so I bought a ticket for myself — even though I'm technically the guest of honor!)

I do hope you'll be able to join us for a beautiful once-in-a-lifetime evening at White Acre/Woodlands.

It's going to be just lovely!


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall