It is high time we spoke on this page about Zombies.

And no, I don't mean metaphorically. I mean really: Zombies.

Last night I had the delight of going to the premiere of the new Brad Pitt movie "World War Z", which was incredibly fun!

I got invited because producer, Dede Gardner, is the same woman who produced the film "Eat Pray Love" — which makes ALL THE SENSE IN THE WORLD because the two stories have so much in common! They are both about seekers conducting urgent world travel (soul-searching in case of EPL, epidemiology-searching in the case of WWZ.) Both are also about the attempt of one American soul to find answers to life's deepest questions (the search for the self in my case, and the search for the origins of the Zombie apocalypse in the other). Best of all, both stories celebrate the excitement of passionate over-eating (pizza and gelato in my case; human brains and intestines in the case of the zombies!)

Guys, for real — you heard it here first (or maybe you heard it here 100th, in this age of lightning-fast information): The movie is AWESOME. Harrowing and smart and scary as hell, and so, so good.

Here is a photo of me all dressed up in the car, on my way to the premiere. I am grinning like a fool because, when this photo was taken, I was pretty sure I was about to meet Brad Pitt. OK, as it turns out, I didn't get to meet Brad Pitt. Which is probably because he is…you know…BRAD PITT. But I did glimpse him from a distance and guess what? Handsome. Very handsome. Dizzyingly handsome. I think the kid has a future in show business.



via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall