What a cool and sweet story — I wonder where that photo came from!

Photos of Elizabeth Gilbert
Found a treasure Liz! When eat, pray, love first came out, I considered it my bible…my comfort food. Taking it in little by little, other times devouring it. Is it possible that someone could write a book that you could see yourself in? All I know is that when I need comfort I reach for this book. I am not sure how many times I have read it, or referenced it for a quick deep breath moment. My book was highlighted and corners turned with all my favorite quotes. After our house fire last year my book was gone. I quickly replaced it with a paperback. But look what I received in the mail Liz.I found a first edition, signed hardcover, with a picture of you to boot! Life is good, and when it proves otherwise…I take a deep breath and read. Blessings!

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall