Want to be part of my Christmas Present?

Want to help restore Alma's home?

Dear Ones!

This year for Christmas, I'm going to be donating money to The Woodlands — the beautiful 18th century Philadelphia estate upon which I based the Whittaker's home, White Acre, in my novel THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS.

I love this property, and I adore the dedicated folks who maintain it. They were so generous to me while I was researching the novel — letting me roam freely all over the property, from carriage house to the old gardens, from the attic to the basement (and yes, even in "the binding closet"!).

Right now, there's a fantastic capital campaign going on to restore The Woodlands home (and Alma's carriage house!) and many folks (including me) are chipping in to help.

We've set up an Indiegogo account specifically for my readers to help out…so if you would like to be part of this, click here and join!

A few bucks from all the readers of THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS could save this irreplaceable estate.

There are rewards for participating (I especially like the "Alma's wildflower mix")

And remember: The more you donate, the more I donate!


I thank you!

Alma thanks you!

The ghosts of Henry and Beatrix Whittaker thank you!

Hanneke down there in the basement in her caged room (an actual feature of the estate) thanks you!

And The Woodlands thank you!


ps – Oh, one other thing! A number of book groups in the Philadelphia area have been going on field trips to The Woodlands, to explore Alma's home and carriage house. If you live in the area, you should get some friends together and go! The staff is so helpful and friendly, and it's such a cool day trip.


Restore White Acre
Help Elizabeth Gilbert restore the estate that inspired her latest novel.

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