Who do you identify with more? Alice in Wonderland, or Dorothy in Oz?

I ask because I've always identified with Dorothy, maybe because I grew up loving the original series of Oz books by L. Frank Baum. We inherited some of these beautiful old books from my grandmother, and I relished every single volume, every crumbling page.

Dorothy always seemed like a real hero to me — stalwart, brave, midwestern, no-nonsense.

On the other hand, Alice always scared me. Even as a little kid, I didn't like that story. Wonderland seemed more chaotic and psychedelic than Oz, and Alice always kind of passive and, at times, was literally drugged! A child on Roofies, tumbling through madness! Scary!

But recently I heard that the recent Alice in Wonderland movie was one of the highest grossing films ever, and I started wondering, "What is it about her that people love?"

Will any of you Alice fans out there explain? I am truly curious as to what I have missed…

And if you identify with another leading lady of childhood literature — Pippi, Mary Poppins, Nancy Drew — do share!

But my heart belongs to Dorothy.


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