OK, everyone has to look at this "list", which my dear cousin Laura just sent to me. She found it the other day in a notebook at the bottom of a long-neglected drawer. It was written by her wonderful and talented daughter Rebecca several years ago, probably when Rebecca (now 14) was about 10 years old.

In case you can't read the heading clearly, it is a list of the 100 things Rebecca intends to accomplish before she dies.

Please note Item Number One: "Publish a book, NY Times Bestseller."

Please also note that, in the end, that turned out to be exactly the only item on the list.

I think this is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Because, really, what else is there to strive for?

I LOVE YOU, BECKS! I'm right there with you! And I look forward to reading your bestseller one of these days…

Let the inspiration roll, people. Let the inspiration roll.


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall