"A Tale for the Time Being," by Ruth Ozeki. A beautifully interwoven novel about magic and loss and the incomprehensible threads that connect our lives. I just finished it, and loved it.

And I wanted to share with everyone this line, which caused me to flag the page and pull out my highlighter….our main character, Ruth, is pondering the Zen notion of time and karma, and quotes Zen Master D?gen as saying that each day is composed of 6,400,099,980 moments. She goes on to say, "His point is that every single one of those moments provides an opportunity to reestablish our will. Even the snap of a finger, he says, provides us with 65 opportunities to wake up ad choose actions that will produce beneficial karma and turn our lives around."

65 chances a second to do better!

65 chances a second to make things right!

65 fresh opportunities every snap of the finger to make a wiser, kinder choice—to flip the script, to re-orient yourself toward the light.

I found this very reassuring, for obvious reasons. So many chances! Such a generous philosophy.

May you all have a wonderful 6,400,099,980 moments today!


A Tale for the Time Being
A brilliant, unforgettable, and long-awaited novel from bestselling author Ruth Ozeki “Atime being is someone who lives in time, and that means you, and me, and every one of us who is, or was, or ever will be.” In Tokyo, sixteen-year-old Nao has decided there’s only one escape from her aching lonel…

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