Dear Ones –

What an autumn it has been. Over the last three months, I've been traveling around North America like a hobo, bouncing from town to town, on the biggest (and sometimes most intimidating) speaking tour of my life.

Last night was my final stop, in Toledo. (THANK YOU, TOLEDO!)

I figured out last night in my hotel room that — over the past three months — I have spoken to over well over 100,000 of you Dear Ones. Thank you for coming out to see me in city after city after city (after city after city….) Thank you for your kindness, and your questions, and your laughter, and your presents, and — most of all — your presence.

Now I'm going home. Not to rest, but to do something much, much better: TO WRITE.

Cuz I got them stars yanking my hair around again.

Love you so.


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall