Thought you lovelies might want to see the red rose Miami dress in action…


It never gets any less scary for me to get on that stage in front of so many people and speak for 45 minutes. But when you you're wearing rose-covered armor, it really, really helps. (Remember Ketut Liyer talking about "pretty power"? I guess that's what he meant!)

I also remember Dustin Hoffman once saying in an interview that if you can get the costume right, that's 90% of the character solved right off the bat.

So thank you again, our dear departed Mr. de la Renta, for having made the "costumes" that have given me 90% of the confidence I've needed for Oprah's The Life You Want Tour. As for the other 10% of the confidence? That's just me, faking it till I make it…


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall