Thought of the day: KEEP LOOKING.

I was hanging out with my dad this morning, and he was talking about his days in the Navy. He was remembering this little conversation he overheard one day — almost 50 years ago — between an officer and a sailor on the watch deck. The officer had alerted the sailor that radar indicated a ship approaching, not very far from them. The sailor was looking for the mystery ship in his binoculars.

"Can you see it?" the officer asked.

"No, sir," the sailor replied with great earnestness. "But I ALMOST can!"

Of course it's a sweet and delusional reply — because you either see something or you don't, right? It's certainly not a very militarily precise reply.

And yet…

Don't you know this feeling? I've had it so many times in prayer and meditation. I've also had this feeling while I'm writing, and I've had it while I'm searching for solutions to problems in my personal life. I can't see it (divinity, transcendence, forgiveness, grace, the fix) but I believe that I ALMOST can…and that brings me hope, and keeps me searching.

I think that for most of my life, I have ALMOST seen the mystery ship — all the answers, way over there on the dim horizon. I can at least imagine someday seeing it. So I optimistically keep peering, I keep squinting, and I'm pretty sure most days that I've nearly just about halfway gotten close to almost seeing it.

Maybe almost seeing it is good enough.

Makes the ocean feel less lonely.

Keep looking, dear ones,


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall