OK, remember how I got all emphatic with the exclamation points and the commands and I said WATCH THIS PAGE because something amazing is going to happen in 48 hours?

Um, hold that thought.

Because I just found out that the amazing announcement has to be stalled for a week, due to technical problems outside of my control. But you know what? Seriously? Next week…something amazing is going to happen! Hang in there with me, folks…it'll be worth it, I promise. I pinky-swear promise.

In the meanwhile, for your enjoyment, here's a photo of me and my friend Yudhi, whom you may remember from Eat, Pray, Love. Somebody (thank you Angi) just asked me if Yudhi ever made it back to America after his deportation. The answer, unfortunately, is no — but he has much relaxed into his destiny in Indonesia, and I am pleased to report that he is happy, productive and joyful as ever.

Here's a photo of us together on my last trip to Bali, cracking each other up as usual….and here's a lovely video of Yudhi playing his handmade instrument (not a guitar, not a ukelele, but, of course "a yudelele"). This is how he's making his living now, handcrafting and selling these lovely little things:

We love him.

Good night everyone, and thanks for your patience with my big surprise! Sorry to drag it out…nobody wants to reveal this more than me. IT SHALL COME.

Next week.



via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall