THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS in Singapore…and a beautiful message. Thank you for traveling with me, Nivedita!

Photos of Elizabeth Gilbert
Traveling with Alma Whittacker in my lunchtime, on the bus to work, on the bus from work, in the tube, and every spare minute everywhere. Right now Alma Whittacker is in my hands in a busy Singapore tube station. But I am with her in Tahiti, Philadelphia, in Peru with Henry, in Amsterdam, in every foot step she walks, in every boat she steps on, in every question she poses – I walk out of my world and into hers. Frankly, this photo might not be the most seductive place that you have ever encountered this wonderful book (no beaches in France , no gardens in Canada) … but nonetheless. I am glad it made it all the way to my hands and needy soul in Singapore. Thank you Liz for this masterpiece! #TheSignatureOfallThings — in Singapore, Singapore.

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall