Dear Ones…

Lovely news!

Today is the big reveal of the brand new cover design for the American edition of SOAT in paperback.

How do you all like it?

I think it's lush and vibrant and gorgeous!

As you can see, my publisher incorporated some familiar elements from the hardcover design into this version (the mosses are all still there at the bottom) but they've also added some new things (including an image of White Acre, the Whittaker's Philadelphia estate…)

I like that eye-catching black background, too.

So for all of you who have been patiently waiting to buy the book in paperback, great news — it is coming SOON!

And for all you book club members who have been patiently waiting for a less expensive version of the novel, here it is!

The paperback will be released on June 24th — just in time for summer beach reading…and it is fully portable, at last!

If you would like to pre-order a copy of the paperback, you can do so right here:

And if you want to come see me on my paperback book tour (or on any of my speaking events this year), click right here:


Curious to hear your thoughts on the new look!


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall