Dear Ones —

So, I have a bit of a podcast fetish. I don't know how many of you are turned onto the podcast universe yet, but I really dig that universe. I have one podcast or another playing in my ear just about all the time these days.

Favorite podcasts of mine include:

WTF (with Marc Maron)
THE BUGLE (with John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman)
The incomparable RADIO LAB
ON BEING, with Krista Tippett
IN OUR TIME (an intelligent BBC production which puts me to sleep every single night — which sounds like criticism, but is actually praise: It's the only thing that piques my attention enough to drown out my own spinning thoughts, while at the same time lulling me to sleep with calm intellectual British voices.)

And then there is this world called, which is a full-service podcast emporium, crammed full of fantastic, clever, funny, independently produced podcasts — too many to single out for praise here, but I love the whole offering.

But every week, there is one podcast that I listen to first, because it always fills me with delightful nonsense and good cheer — and that is MY BROTHER, MY BROTHER, AND ME (known to insiders as MBMBaM.) In this podcast, three real-life brothers (Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy) take questions from the audience and offer advice. Sometimes they offer terrible and ironic advice; sometimes they offer very good and curiously moving advice. Basically, though, you just get to spend an hour hanging out with three brothers who have been making each other laugh their whole lives. I love it.

And this week, I got to be a guest host! Or, as MBMBaM call it: "A Guestpert."

So take a listen — we had an absurdly good time answering questions about everything from sink clogs, to tattoo-interpreation, to creativity tricks of the trade.

Warning: We all swear a lot. So if that's a turn-off…then definitely tune out. Everyone else, though? Jump the hell on!

My bit of the interview starts about halfway through the recording, but every minute is worth listening to, because those guys are hilarious and absurd.

So get on board with the podcast universe — but especially get on board with, and MOST especially get on board with my friends the McElroy brothers, because there is so much goodness and smartness and goofiness and light to be found therein…


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