Dear Ones —

Last night was such a wonderful event in Brooklyn. THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING!

At the end of the evening, we tried something I've never attempted before — a lightning round of questions. The rules were, the audience members could take turns asking me one simple question, and I had to try to answer it in one sentence only, before jumping to the next question. It was incredibly fun and lively (and probably a relief for the audience, since I do tend to give looonnnngggg answers, under normal circumstances.)

I wanted to share with you my favorite exchange, which might be useful to some of you who are struggling through your own doubts and fears about your creativity, or your place in the world…

Q: When you're working on a book, and you're feeling insecure and uncertain about it, how do you silence your "inner critic"?

A: I silence my inner critics exactly the same way I silence my real-life critics: By saying to them very quietly, but very firmly, "If you don't like what I'm doing, go write your own f***king book."

(Short but sweet is sometimes the best way to handle things.)


…and I will see you tonight, RIDGEWOOD, NJ!

…and I will see you Friday night, ASHEVILLE, NC!

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Onward ever, backward never,

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