OK, do you guys want to know how to pack for a book tour, using only carry-on luggage? Simple: Three dresses, two pairs of shoes, pjs, gym shorts, and one outfit for the plane. Plus an extra shirt, because I was feeling a tad indulgent.

Which means: You'd better get used to these dresses, folks, cuz you're gonna keep seeing them in photos again and again.

So just to review — we've got GREEN DRESS, YELLOW DRESS and RED DRESS. (I wanted to bring BLUE DRESS, but there was no room.)

Last night was YELLOW DRESS. Tonight was GREEN DRESS. Those of you coming to see me in Washington DC on Monday will be introduced at last to RED DRESS! Then we start over.

See how the excitement never ends around here???!!

ps — tonight was the sweetest, sweetest event. GREEN DRESS and I thank all who came to see us!


Photos of Elizabeth Gilbert
One shot of you during the reading……..

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall