OK, folks — those of you who subscribe to my LizNews newsletter already got this information yesterday, but now I will share it with everyone! I have my official tour dates for my new book "The Signature of All Things"!

If you go to my events page on my website, you can see all the details (as far as I've got them right now):

But here is the general run-down of dates and places:

October 1, New York City
October 3, Philadelphia, PA
October 4, Atlanta, GA
October 7, Washington DC
October 9, Miami, FL
October 11, Boulder, CO
October 12, Denver, CO
October 13, Pasadena, CA
October 14, Los Angeles, CA
October 16, San Francisco, CA
October 18, Fairfield, CT
October 22, London, UK!
October 23, Dublin, IRELAND
October 25, London, UK!
October 30, Chicago, IL
November 1, Nashville, TN
November 2, Knoxville, TN
November 4, Dallas, TX
November 6, Portland, OR
November 8, Seattle, WA
November 10, Portland, ME
(Somewhere in here: MONTREAL & AMSTERDAM but I don't have the details yet)
November 29, Dusseldorf, GERMANY
December 1, Berlin, GERMANY
December 2, Tubingen, GERMANY
December 3, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
December 10, New York Public Library, in conversation with ANN PATCHETT!!!
January 27, 92nd St Y, NYC, in conversation with ISABEL ALLENDE!!!

….and that’s not all, folks! In January and February of 2014, I’ll be going to France, Norway, Italy and Australia (but I don’t have those details yet). And in the spring and summer of 2014, I’ll be going to Wales and then to Brazil (BRAZIL!!!!!!) but it’s too soon yet to know exactly how that will all shape up. I'll keep you updated as the details come in.


As you can see by the number of stops, I have tried to get EVERYWHERE, but the world is a big place, and I am only one person, so I am so very sorry if I won't make it to your town or country this time. But make a big enough noise, and I'll try to convince my publisher to bring me to your city on the next round, when the paperback is published in 2014! Or, steal a car and come see me at your nearest possible venue! (Don't really steal a car. Unless it's a super nice car.)

Come see me! It's gonna be fun,

Packing my bags already,

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