Only 5 more days until "The Signature of All Things" is published!

And for tonight's countdown cake, a very special image — a picture of me and my very own 5th birthday cake, which I remember well because it had PINK candles, and we were at my GRANDMA OLSON'S, and all my COUSINS were there, and afterward we were going to the LAKE!

I'm probably just about excited now as I was then.

Which is to say: REALLY excited.


Also, I just found out that the novel is going be on the cover of the New York Times Book Review this Sunday, in a wonderful review written by none other than the great Barbara Kingsolver.

Which makes me feel like: PINK! GRANDMA OLSON'S! COUSINS! LAKE! all over again.

All my love, and wish me luck sleeping for the next few days,


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall