Only 4 more days until "The Signature of All Things" is published!

Please note that this celebratory cake, my friends, has a lizard on it. And trains! And a snake. Just saying. It's pretty awesome. Reptiles and public transportation being two of my favorite themes in the baked goods department. If I were a four-year-old kid (named Russell, for instance) this cake would pretty much blow my mind.

4 days, guys! That's nothing! That's like a long weekend, plus one more day! So…imagine a long weekend and a snow day, combined! That's what we're talking about here!

Pre-order now, and they'll have the novel arrive on your doorstep on Tuesday. (Or so they promise…I don't know — does that really work? Worth a try, maybe? You can click here and give it an attempt, anyhow):

You know what else takes 4 days? To bake a cake covered with lizards.

I'm delirious. Going to bed now. Pretty much thrilled.


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall