Only 3 more days until "The Signature of All Things" is published!!!

"And 3, of course, is the number representing supreme balance, as anyone who has ever studied either the Holy Trinity or a simple barstool can plainly see."
—Eat, Pray, Love (Quoted, by the way, with the author's permission.)

Three is my favorite number. Always has been. For your entertainment tonight, I offer not only this amazing virtual cake celebrating the number 3, but also these 3 virtually amazing quotes from various early review of The Signature of All Things":

“Gilbert has written the novel of a lifetime.”
—O Magazine

“Gilbert has established herself as a straight-up storyteller who dares us into adventures of worldly discovery, and this novel stands as a winning next act. The Signature of All Things is a bracing homage to the many natures of genius and the inevitable progress of ideas, in a world that reveals its best truths to uncommonly patient minds.”
— The New York Times Book Review, Barbara Kingsolver

“This book is full of turns of phrase that manage to be both fresh and evoke an antique period…It is gorgeously detailed, robustly filled with the elements of bygone times. "The Signature of All Things is a captivating novel, the kind in which intellect, imagination and language conspire to create a blissful diversion. I read all 499 pages in a day…The Signature of All Things shows what fiction can do at its finest, blowing other literary genres out of the water.”

Holy shit, you guys. Holy shit. I'll say it three times: HOLY SHIT. (Yes, your friendly novelist, apparently, has no words except "Holy Shit". CLASSY, I know. But these reviews are blowing my mind!)

Anyhow, wanna read it? You can order it here, my lovelies:

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Did I mention: Holy Shit?


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