Only 20 more days till "The Signature of All Things" is published!

As for tonight's cake…well. I'm a bit confused/amused by it, and so I offer it up here. Found a picture of this beauty on the vast, strange internets. Seems to be some sort of a dice-themed confection, I guess? And the mysterious message ("Roll For Initiative") SORT OF works for the idea of a book release, right? (Because I'm rolling out a new book? And because it took initiative to write the novel? Something? Kind of? No? Anybody have any other ideas?)

Anyhow, for sure, LET'S ROLL!

20 days! Only 20 days!

And if you want to take INITIATIVE and pre-order the book (see how I did that?) you may do so right here:

Sleep tight, my beautiful little cake-lovers,

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall