Only 19 more days until "The Signature of All Things" is published!

OK, I know, I know. Only this very morning I specifically said that we all have to learn to put less on our plates in life. To be clear, I DID NOT MEAN CAKE. Take all the cake you want. Seriously.

Thus, here is your 19-days-till-publication ceremonial electronic cake, fresh and hot off a random Google search on the great oven that is the Internet!

You are welcome to virtually eat every single bite of it.

19 days, guys! Only 19 days until the book that Vanity Fair just heralded as my "blessed return to fiction" (YEAH!) comes out!

If you want to pre-order the novel, you may do so right here, my little cupcakes:

So much love to you all!

19 more days!

Eat up,

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall